Foundation Hacks to Prevent Winter Skin Problems.

.Keep the skin hydrated.

You might have this a million times that ” Flawless complexion needs water”. Instead of drinking plenty of water try switching to a hydrating foundation.Chanel vitalumiere aqua for its hefty dose of hyaluronic acid and natural-looking light reflection. A creamy base can also act as a shield saving skin from parching winds and lipid-depleting pollutants.

.Look for creamy consistency.

A formula that glides on easily will help even out skin tone. It’s important to find one that’s light and moisturizing, so it won’t cake in fine lines.Flaunt a radiant, flawless complexion with Dolce&Gabbana Perfect Luminous Creamy Foundation.
This whisper-soft cream magically refines the skin, concealing imperfections for a smooth-looking surface and a glowing finish.

.Go for darker shade.

Typically, skin gets paler in the winter (it’s not rocket science), which may lead you to pick a lighter foundation shade. But instead of matching your skin, try a formula that’s half a shade darker to bring some warmth to your face.

.If you have oily skin,go for mineral formula.

Mineral-based foundations go on with ease like a liquid,but dry like a powder.Keeping your skin hydrated but not oily.Try KOH GEn Do Maifanshi Moisture Foundation.It’s formulated with moisturizing botanicals that plump skin and give you a youthful glow.


. Don’t forget the SPF

Yes it’s winter, but the sun can still cause damage to your skin . If you have trouble remembering to wear sunscreen through the colder months, you might want to consider a foundation or tinted moisturizer with SPF. Try L’Oreal Paris True Match Super Blendable Makeup SPF 17 . It’s lightweight, melts flawlessly into skin, and helps hide imperfections while giving the appearance of naturally gorgeous skin.








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