Ways to make high heels comfortable.

Wear them in.

Before wearing your heels out,wear your heels in by pulling on a thick pair of socks and walk in them around the house for few hours.That will stretch out the areas that might pinch.



The super soft adhesive cotton “skin” can be cut and applied to blister-prone spots as well as used to line any part of your shoe. It also avoid rubbing.


Go for the platform heels.

Heels that have a platform are generally more comfortable than flat toed heels. The platform provides height while putting less strain on the arch and ball of the foot.

Use heel grips if your feet are narrow.

Especially important in  court shoes or shoes without straps.These shoes will stop slipping your feet around inside your shoe.

Wear padded inserts.

If the balls of your feet are your main issue, sticky gel inserts that cushion that area will work wonders. Only go for a full insert if your shoes are slightly too big as these will otherwise cramp the area for your feet.

Take an anti blister stick everywhere you go.

If you can’t be bothered with unsightly blister plasters, try using a transparent stick to lubricate any areas that would normally cause you problems.





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