Foundation Mistakes You’re Probably making.

.Matching color exactly.

Many women get color matched right to skin tone and are unhappy with the results, since it can end up looking too washed out.In these cases, going for a bit warmer of a tone (one that has yellow or golden undertones).If you’re tan or deeper toned, stay away from pinkish hues that can look obvious on skin in natural light.



.Concealing with heavy coverage.

Whether it’s discoloration, blemishes, or fine lines that you want to cover, heaping on heavy foundation will actually draw attention to the difference in skin texture.Instead, use primers and highlighters to improve the look of discoloration and fine lines, and spot-blend concealer on blemishes instead of caking on the cover-up all over.

.Using the wrong consistency.

Whatever kind of foundation you use.It should seamlessly blend into skin when you apply it. For dry types, powder formulations can settle into pores and lines, while liquids can look too wet on oily skin.Creamy textures often hit the right note of providing flattering coverage with a natural finish on most.

.Thinking foundation looks aging.

Foundation has a bad rap because it’s been used incorrectly by so many, but don’t be afraid to wear it.The right formula evens out aging issues, like discoloration and pore size, to actually make you appear younger.


.Apply everything,everywhere.

The sure way to look like you’re wearing makeup is to apply a blanket of foundation and powder to the face and to over-conceal.Finish with powder only in the center of the face, where it’s truly needed; overdoing it can kill your whole look.


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