7 ways you are removing your makeup wrong.

You’re not removing your makeup at all.

To avoid unnecessary breakouts and dehydrated skin, always remove your makeup before bed.

You use the same wipe for your whole face.

it’s a good idea to use two wipes — one to remove your makeup and another to pick up leftover residue.

Your scrub is too harsh. 

Rather than opting for a scrub with harsh, sharp exfoliants(like crushed seeds or nut shells), reach for one with synthetic, non-abrasive spheres that slough away dead skin cells effectively without doing any damage.

You’re not completely removing your eye makeup.

Not thoroughly taking off your eye makeup can lead to an eye infection, which nobody wants. So take the extra time to remove your eyeliner or mascara.

You don’t remove your makeup before washing your face.

Make sure that after you remove your makeup with a wipe, you wash your face with an actual cleanser to clear away any dirt or grime left behind.

You’re rubbing your skin with a towel to dry it.

Stop what you’re doing and pat your face rather than rubbing it raw.

You’re exfoliating your face with your towel.

Apply an exfoliator that’s subtly gritty yet still soft and won’t scratch your face. Use circular motions to massage the exfoliator over your skin and you’ll slough away flaky, dead layers.

One thought on “7 ways you are removing your makeup wrong.

  1. On the topic of exfoliants, you shouldn’t use the synthetic sphere exfoliators because they are contributing to landfill. They don’t just disappear down the sink or drain hahaha. It is always better to use a natural alternative and just be gentle with it on your face instead 🙂

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