5-reasons your eyeliner looks tragic.

  1. you’re lining your entire eye with colored liner, which can look harsh.

The fix:Accentuate either your upper or lower lash line with a subtle pop of color rather than full-on,intense look.

2. You’re lining your lower lid with liquid liner.It’s too wet and bold.

The fix:Only use waterproof pencil on the lower lash line.Then you won’t see it traveling down your cheek midday.

3. you’re curling your lashes after you’ve already applied your liner.

The fix: Curl your lashes first, and then apply liner. That way,you won’t disrupt the liner application and make a mess on your eyelid.

4. You’re not removing all your eye makeup properly. Which means you’re not starting on a blank canvas when you next apply your makeup.

The fix: Clear away any residue from last night by using a precision tip cotton swab doused in an oil-based remover.

5. You’re pulling your eyelid out to apply liner. This can contribute to wrinkles over time.

The fix:If you’re lining the inner corner of your eye, look to the outer corner.


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