Back to school :Make-up Dos & Don’ts

Do:look fresh and awake

1)keep your makeup natural and effortless and keep it simple.

2)Most important thing is sunscreen because you are gonna be out with your friends and you need to protect your skin.

3)Use a tinted moisturizer, because it’s light and easy to apply in the morning.

4)Brighten up the tired eyes and hide dark circles with a bit of concealer.

5)Define the eyebrows by taking a pencil thats two shades darker then your light hair or two shades lighter than your dark hair.

6)Stain are good for natural makeup and they last longer then lipstick.

Don’ts:overdo it and try to older.

1)Don’t wear loud colors like using a bright eyeshadow.

2)Using a lot makeup for a school,like you’re going  any party can make you look old.keep everything natural.

3)Forget about skincare.However your day look you should never forget your morning routine.


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